Thursday, 3 July 2008

In the beginning....

I have the sort of job that people want to know about, which is great for getting the opportunity to tell everyone about my books.

But I choose carefully what I tell them depending on who I'm talking to - I hate seeing that eager spark of excitement when I say I'm a publisher, quickly followed by bitter disappointment that I only work with Frog the Dog!

I've been running Sniff and Wag Publishing since Sep 2004, intending to keep it small and local. I thought I'd approach three choice retail outlets, make a handful of school visits per year - just enough to make enough money to print the next batch of books, which at that stage I printed and bound myself.

The reaction I got was way beyond what I hoped for - rather than just three shops, I found myself stopping at twelve because I couldnt physically make any more books in time for Christmas, and the schools loved the way Frog the Dog workshops inspired their kids.

So, after some flapping about over printing issues and funding, I had to make some big decisions about the future of Sniff and Wag.

In Sep 2008 I re-launched and re-branded Sniff and Wag with a range of professionally produced products for the retail and educational markets, and they've been very well received. Now I have set myself the target of being a recognised global brand within ten years. How hard can it be??

Since April I have worked with two other companies to submit a proposal to BBC children's TV CBeebies for a pilot show on mid morning TV, I have sent Frog off to the New York Licensing Expo to gauge interest, and I am still in negotiations with ASDA UK (A supermarket chain owned by Wal-Mart) to supply into a number of stores in my area.

It's starting to get a bit exciting - time to start taking notes about how it all comes together and what happens next!


Roufa Tav Gosou & Mimi Lass said...

It's great to learn about the History of Sniff and Wag and to be able to follow its development! Frogtstic! Wishing you lots of strength as you go global and lots of adSventurous fun!

Helen McGlasson said...

Thank you dear Banananas, for popping in to see us at the re-vamped Reading Hero, the Sniff and Wag diaries.
When you work hard in someting all the time it can be hard to see how much has been achieved, so i hope this will be good in all kinds of ways.
And people are interested! So kind.
Oh, and we can link away here to our hearts content 'cos we're all (allegedly) grown ups here - hurrah!