Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Making the fun happen

One of the very nicest things about doing what I do is the scope for having fun and being silly, which is always a welcome break from being sensible and corporate.

I push myself very hard in the pursuit of professionalism and achievement, and refuse to relent when it comes to the fun side of the business. Sometimes making the fun is hard work!

Frog worked hard at the Brand Licensing show at Olympia, catching some international interest, and on his "day off" went out to shoot some photos for our upcoming promo video to accompany The Frog Blog Dog Log Song, ready for imminent release on Itunes.

Yes, a Frog pop song - how much fun is that??

We wanted some photos of Frog at iconic London sights to use in the video - how hard can it be?

Not as easy as one might first think!

The famous landmarks might seem to be right next to the tube stops - but maps lie! So a great deal of brisk walking was called for.

The Tube was closed in places for maintainance work - more brisk walking, catching buses, and more brisk walking.

Some of us involved in this frantic photo bid are not as fit as some others, and you really wouldn't believe how many stairs there are to access the underground system - its a long way down - and up again! Oh my poor knees....

The photo I most wanted was a shot of Frog with a Guardsman at Buckingham Palace, so when we got there I was very disappointed to discover that the guardsmen now stand well inside the palace grounds, whereas they used to be outside the gates and prone to all kinds of attention from the public. We were flummoxed!

The technicalities were proving hard - the guardsmen were quite some distance away, the railings got in the way and Frog wouldn't stay focussed. When it started to rain, we decided to move on.

But perhaps the power of positive thinking was with us - as we trudged wearily down Birdcage Walk, passing the Guards Chapel, our tired spirits lifted when we spotted two guardsmen outside the chapel, waiting for a wedding to start.

We decided that the Prince of Wales' motto "Carpe Diem -Seize the Day" was called for, so I despatched Frog Ted with my charming and attractive accomplice to ask the favour.
You can see what a great photo we got at the top of this post.
I could go home happy!

Among the 80 odd photos we took in five hours, and the 40 odd that we intend to use, this one is my favourite, so we want to say a very big thank you to the Guardsmen involved for their willingness to take part. I'm sure they must have had other more important things on their mind! We know how much the iconic sights of London are enjoyed around the world, and really wanted them to be a strong part of our pop video.

So here's to the splendid and long suffering guardsmen, to Frog, and to my cheerful accomplice, who all contributed magnificently to making the fun happen - you are all quite FROGTASTIC!


Charity Childs-Gevero said...

Hi Helen... are you Frog's owner? :) Me and Frog are friends! I show him off a lot in my "what I'm reading" box! Did he tell you about me? :)

Why does From live in FrogDogBlogLog and you live here? I'm confused...don't you two live together? Hmmm...

Hi Frog...
Thank you for your comment about my tights...I like the word "frogtastic"! But I don't know if I should publish it, because my secret will be blown! hee hee hee hee! Hey, how did you know my secret, anyway? You're spying on me, aren't you? Hmph!

Helen McGlasson said...

Hey Charity, welcome to the confusing cartoon world I live in!

This is how it works - this is my blog for being grown up and as sensible as I can manage, but the Frogblogdoglog (SOOOO happy you love it!) is for Frog and his friends to be silly.

We even have our own websites too - he has and i have, it just helps to keep us out of mischief!

Frog LURVES your fab tights, so maybe he'll go leave another comment about them that doesnt give away your secret!
Its great to hear from you, thanks!